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Paul Rogers Style One Off Liner

 Machine Features and Specifications:

  • Hand made 
  • Manual Machining 
  • Filed and finished 
  • Hand cut parts 
  • Lots of magic 
Machine Running Recommendations:  
  • Needle size: 9-10-11-14’s and larger
  • Volts & Speed: 5.5-7.8 V / 135 MHZ. 
  • Punchy with top end sweet spot.
  • Power Liner. 
  • Tested and tuned with needle & tube.

This machine is made of 3 parts (the base, the side, the spring deck) and then tig-welded together in a precision made fixture. This machine is inspired by the great granddaddy of modern tattoo machines, Paul Rogers.  I own many letters he wrote to other tattooers in the late 60's to the mid 80's and the information I read through it I used to guide my craft in building this machine. We are all honored to have had such an inspiration. Paul's work will always be one of my main driving factors in how I craft my tattoo machines. 

The frame is full steel and is made to last!!. Tumbled smooth and then hand finished. 

Like all of the machines I build, they are precision made and require to be loved and cared for, and if you do that you can bet your ass, Feldman-made machines will work perfectly day in and day out, for life. 

We hope our product description gives you the best feel for what to expect when buying from Feldman MFG. But if we left any thing out please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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