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Why buy from Feldman Mfg.?

As the head of Feldman Mfg. Brandyn Feldman ensures all involved in the business are: focused on creating quality contributions to the tattoo community, keep the art-form and craft moving forward and build strong relationships with our customers.

It is important to us that everything we do is guided by a mission and values that you can rely on. So from us to you, here is who we are and what guides us:



To create tools for tattooers that are of the highest quality, using the history of tattooing and modern engineering and machining, and also to release content that helps tattooers do their jobs better and know more about the legacy of tattoo.



  • Make everything in-house we can and then everything we outsource, have it be made in North America to ensure quality standards.

  • Rely on history to guide us but not limit us.

  • Use modern tools and techniques to make materials that are better for the tattooer, the customer and the environment.

  • Contribute to the tattoo community by releasing content and sharing information that deepens knowledge, builds skill and creates a better outcome.