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Bulldog Liner 1.125 - Iron

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Machine Features and Specifications:

  • Precision-made from iron
  • Tattooer designed, programmed and machined - the whole 9 yards!
  • Lifetime Guarantee on frame and coils
  • Weight of machine is 7 oz. - the perfect weight to lay in some mean lines!
  • Easy to operate tube chuck that will accept all tubes
  • 1.125 inch, 8 wrap coils that are kickass little jack hammers
  • Indexed coil screws and overall O.C.D. attention to detail. (Rainman style).
  • High quality American-made hardware (No bullshit crap parts on my machines!)
  • Clip cord connection perfection. The holes are the perfect size for the clip.

Machine Running Recommendations:

  • Needle size : 5-7-9-11-13’s and larger
  • Volts & Speed : 4.5 - 6.8 V - 125 MHZ.
  • Punchy with top end sweet spot.
  • (Liner version) Great for single pass bold lines as well as smaller lines.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on frame and coils.
  • Tested and tuned with needle and tube.

My best version of a Bulldog tattoo machine in a compact size. For years I have been building this style of machine and to be very honest, until this current frame I have not been happy with a tattoo machine like I am with this machine. The control is all yours with this machine. It is a little heavier and thicker than the King Kong Bulldog. But has the perfect balance to have the power of Thor's hammer (Baby Thor) and the size and weight of a tattoo machine.

This machine is a blending of old school tattoo MOJO, space-aged super high precision CNC Machining, and NERD-like technical detail applied electrical science. All of this is joined together to bring you what I believe to be the perfect tattoo machine.

I will add this one thing: If you decide to purchase one or several of these, please for love of Christ, be gentle with them. Like all of the machines I build, they are precision made and require to be loved and cared for; if you do that, you can bet your ass, Feldman-made machines will work perfectly day in and day out, for life.

We hope our product description gives you the best feel for what to expect when buying from Feldman MFG. But if we left anything out, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

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