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Team Feldman: a note from Jenise

Hi everyone, today we have a post from Jenise Jester. If you communicate or shop from Feldman Mfg. you will probably be chatting with Jenise. She's a big part of our home and work life so expect to hear more from her over time. Thanks Jenise for all you do and for helping us take care of our customers.

- Courtney 

PS: the stands in these pictures are a sneak peak of some work Brandyn has been doing to help with the Lyle Tuttle show this weekend. More details to come!


Taking a look at this photo, a person may pick up on a lot of different details, but the thing that strikes me the most is how home-grown everything in this photo is.  The standup light in the background is where Brandyn does all of his photography and imaging for his products.  The CNC machine to the right still has water thrown all over the viewing window because something just finished programming and being cut. The stand in the foreground was handmade by Brandyn as well, as a way to prepare for the upcoming Lyle Tuttle show. The flash on the walls, the organization on the shelves, down to the dirt on the floor – Brandyn does everything in house. 

I worked for Brandyn for a summer as a way to legitimize the sabbatical I had taken from my job in higher education. I figured I should take the chance to learn some extra skills and make some money during my time out from the 9:00-5:00 norm.  I wound coils, I powder-coated machines, and did a lot to help orders get out the door or keep the shop clean.  I was really good at running errands that dealt with coffee or lunch items. What I gained through that time of observation and learning, was that Brandyn’s mind is constantly thinking about his business. This can range from new methods of production, the drill press he saw online, or how to make that new Instagram pic pop.  He has a single-minded desire to make things successful and demonstrate to his clients, friends, family, and strangers how amazing his product and the tattoo-world truly is.                                                                                                                     

I spent a lot of time around Brandyn and the shop and saw the creativity, the care, and the intent desire to grow his business. Businesses take a lot of time and effort, and while I don’t think anyone does this balance perfectly – I could see that Brandyn tried to manage his own family, relationship with his girlfriend (now wife) Courtney, care for his dogs, and his business in the best way he knew how. He’s not perfect, things fell apart sometimes, but he had (and still has) a good network of people who would hear him out and then brainstorm, tell him to quit procrastinating, and get back to work.  

Today, I see Brandyn ramping up his dedication and efforts in his business. I know he believes in the products he creates and he is amassing a team of people to make sure customers are happy and well informed about the work that is to come.  With the creativity, passion, and collaborative efforts he is putting forth – I see Feldman MFG taking off to be a great influencer in the tattoo machine world.

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