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"Lew the Jew" and His Circle show in San Francisco

Greetings all: I wanted to drop a note of recognition, for the show Lew the Jew and His Circle: Origins of American Tattoo inspired by the book by Don Ed Hardy and showing at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Here's the show description:

“Lew the Jew” (1880–1954) was one of the most influential artists tattooing in NYC’s Bowery at the beginning of the twenti­eth century. The exhibition includes previously unpublished and rare original tattoo artwork, photos, and correspondence between Lew and San Francisco tattooers “Brooklyn Joe” Lieber and C. J. ”Pop” Eddy. 

Here at Feldman Mfg. it felt like a particularly important show to attend and talk about with our community because of the rare combination historically presenting Jewish tattooers. Being of Jewish heritage has always been an incredibly important identity to Brandyn, as has being a tattooer. And being his side-kick, its been fascinating to learn the tension between being Jewish and being tattooed. Here's an interesting article if you'd like to read some more about this. And this article is also interesting.

This show spends less time in that history but in the unique flash and tattoo stylings in this time period in American history with tattoo creativity happening across the country. And truly its a nod, once again, from Mr. Hardy to the art and history of tattoo and ensuring that its validated culturally. We recommend you attend if you can. 

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