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  • I can't use mine enough. Did some super tight line work and dot shading with it today...it does everything. It's kinda ridiculous man...After 22 years...think I found the perfect tool...Thank you, sir.  (TALKING ABOUT THE REVOLUTE 3.2MM)

    Jared Isenberg - (ABSOLUTE TATTOO) - Instagram = (basura13)
    Jared Isenberg

  • I had heard about Brandyn Feldman's machines for years when I started tattooing, and he was on my list of builders to get a machine from based on the great things I've heard, and the amazing craftsmanship that he puts into each component and machine. Years later, I finally acquired one! I will say that his machines live up to their reputation and not just for looks, I have not been able to put it down and it's now heavily in the daily rotation! With that said, they're worth the money!

    Kaleo Yangco - (1 POINT TATTOO) - Instagram = pantherfist13